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Dear Potential Buyer,  

Anyone who knows me knows that I love my horses. For over forty years my home bred Appaloosas, then Peruvian Pasos, and now my Paso-Pleasure Gaited Trail Horses have been my pride, my joy, and my passion. Until recently, they've also been my money making occupation.  They've bee the cornerstone of all my other enterprises. However, like everything else in life, there's a time to grow, and a time to let go. For me, as a horse breeder, that "letting go" time is now. As the sages say: "To everything turn, turn, turn. There is a time to every purpose under heaven". I've sold my Mountain Pleasure Horse stallion, "Big Red". I've also sold all my pure blood Peruvian Paso brood mares. I'm out of the horse breeding business forever. My desire, now, is to see most of my wonderful Paso-Pleasure Gaited Trail Horses go to good, capable, loving homes. I want to use my remaining time and energy helping people who want to learn my "Horse Handling- Horse Sense"; how to handle, ride, appreciate, and enjoy trail riding naturally gaited horses... the things that I've learned from my horses, through the seat of my pants, in the school of hard knocks, over all these wild and wonderful years.

Are you looking for a naturally gaited trail horse? Why not cash in on the many years of dedication and hard work, and "Come Ride With Me!"? Ride all my horses. Learn the skills I teach . If you find a horse that you like, and if the horse likes you, too, and you can convince me that you are able to care for and love the horse in the manner to which it has become accustomed, I'll give you the money you paid for my time off the price we agree to for the horse. Now how's that for a deal?  Call me if you’re interested. I'm always happy to "talk horses" with anyone... especially gaited trail horses.

 I know that today, all across this country, there are many horses selling "cheap"; some for less than it cost's to feed them for even one year! But my "beautiful to behold, smooth to ride, and easy to handle" Paso-Pleasure Naturally Gaited Trail Horses have always been properly cared for, fed, and trained. I'm offering some really wonderful, beautiful to behold, smooth to ride, and easy to handle gaited trail riding horses here. I want to be sure they go to people who will appreciate them, and can take care of them the way I have. Want to try them out? Then click on Come Ride With Me, and try them out for yourself.             I think you'll love 'em!        Happy trails, Don West  






  Triger 6/08/05, Paul's Hardcopy x Salsa del Oeste. A roan palomino?, with socks on both rear pasterns. My tallest horse, with medium build, Traveler is friendly, calm, and willing, as well as beautiful. He's easy out on the trail, and has been ridden by many amateur riding customers, out on the trail, and even on a 5 day back country trek. A handsome, willing, and easy riding trail companion! $8,500.00
  Walker 05/15/05, Paul's Hardcopy x Cindy del Oeste. A lighter colored palomino, with a star, strip, and large snip, and two white stockings in the rear. A stockier built, short backed horse, just like his mother. He is strong, friendly, and well gaited. In bit. $7,500.00
  Cody 00/00/06, Paul's Hardcopy x Natalia del Oeste. Cody is sorrel with a long, wavy flaxen mane and tail. He has a star, strip, and snip, and right rear pastern. He's a real cutie pie. Not much over fourteen hands, he is well built, strong, and gaits well. He is friendly, personable, and willing.  He'll make someone a great friend and a pleasure-trail riding horse. In bit. $5,500.00

Prince 04/17/07, Paul's Hardcopy x Cidra del Oeste. Prince is a sorrel with a long flaxen mane and tail. He has a white star, strip, and snip, and a left rear half pastern. He looks like Champ, his full brother, only a lighter color sorrel, with only one rear white stocking. He is really willing, easy going under saddle, and doing great out on the trail. This is one eye pleasing, good looking gelding. $8,500.00




  Sassy Sally 07/08/02, Paul's Hardcopy x Salida del Oeste. Sassy is a beautiful red roan, with a small star and left rear pastern. She has a thick, long mane and tail. This mare is strong, well proportioned, and has a nice, short back. She is trail savvy and solid. With her eye-catching color, aristocratic personality, and good-gait, everyone who sees her likes her, and picks her out in the herd to ask about. A great pleasure-trail horse with lots of get up and go in her. She has been ridden out on the trail by my most inexperienced students. She's got great conformation. She's strong. I've taken her on numerous overnight horse camping trips, and she handles the roughest trails in style.  $8,500.00


  Canella, 05/13/03, Paul's Hardcopy x Cidra del Oeste. Wow! Drop dead beautiful red chestnut (sorrel) mare with star blaze and strip, a sock on the right rear and pastern on left rear. With a thick, long, wavy, flaxen mane and tail, she's a real eye catching show stopper! Miss Personality -- full of charisma... and lots of energy and fun to ride. A great riding, people pleasing, pleasure-trail horse. Miss pretty, she has more of an Arabian shaped head than any of my other horses. She has carried me on a number of back country extended overnight camping trips. She takes care of inexperienced riders out on the trail. She does it all... and with style and grace. She is my most beautiful horse! $8,500.00


  Susie Q 06/12/04, Paul's Hardcopy x Salsa del Oeste. Susie is a red chestnut (sorrel) mare with a star and strip. She has a half stocking on both rear legs, and a long, wavy mane and tail. Super well gaited, friendly, lots of personality, and easy to get along with. Beautifully built, and short backed, she is one of our best all around mares. You can't help but fall in love with this horse! I love riding her, and I know she'll make someone a wonderful pleasure-trail companion. $8,500.00  



Fancy 00/00/06, Paul's Hardcopy x Fantasia.  Fancy is a dark chestnut filly with a dark mane and tail. She has a star, a  front left sock, and right rear half stocking. She is built like her mother, and could easily be passed off as a pure blood Peruvian Paso. She has a very refined show quality look about her. She is strong, willing, and her gait is fantastic, with a wide thread! She is friendly, and handles well on the ground, too. She is doing great out on the trail, too. In four reins, and coming into the bit easily. $8,500.00


Goldilocks 04/16/07, Paul's Hardcopy x Star Bright. Goldy is an exceptionally well built, light palomino, with white mane and tail. She is 3/4 Mountain Pleasure Horse and 1/4 Peruvian Paso. She has a star, strip, and small snip, as well as a right rear pastern and left rear half stocking. She is very friendly, gaits beautifully, and is built strong and solid. She is drop dead beautiful, full of fun and energy, and will make some lucky person a great, eye catching trail riding horse. She has a sound head, plenty of energy, and is doing great out on the trail. In four reins now, but will be finished in the bit soon. $8,500.00
  Cinderella 06/02/07, Paul's Hardcopy x Mistica del Oeste. Cinder is a cute little, solid built, chestnut bundle of joy. She has a drop dead beautiful head, a short back, and thick, long, wavy mane and tail. She has a white front left coronet and a left rear pastern. She is so friendly, she wants to get into your pocket! She will make some lucky (smallish) person a real trail companion horse. She gaits beautifully, and has plenty of get up and go in her! In four reins now and will be finished in the bit soon. $7,500.00

If you are interested in finding out more about these fantastic "beautiful to behold, smooth to ride, and easy to handle" Paso-Pleasure Gaited Trail Horses call me, Don West,  at 970-201-1696.  The horses listed above were all born, raised, and trained right here, by me, at West Gait with gentle, loving, and knowledgeable care. Given the reality of  today's weak horse market, we know that we can no longer expect to make a profit on our investment in them, or even break even.. However, please consider that it has cost us at least $1,000.00 per horse, per year, just to feed them. That does not take into consideration the stud fee that it took to produce them, the cost of keeping the mare they came out of for a few years, the cost for their shots, wormers, and vet bills, the hoof trimming job I did on them every six weeks of their lives, the time I took to train them and get them under saddle and trail broke, and the other expenses of maintaining a safe and sightly horse facility for all these years.We know that we will be selling every horse at a substantial out-of-pocket loss, but we want to sell them to people who will love them, and can afford to keep them healthy and happy. To a large degree, our prices are based on the horses age. We need buyers who can show us that they can afford to keep these well raise a well fed, well treated, well trained naturally gaited trail riding horses. If they can't afford to pay a reasonable price in today's horse market they probably can't afford to keep a horse either. I know that may sound harsh, but I love these horses. To me, they are like "family". I want to make sure that they go to someone who will be able to continue to love and care for them just as I have.     If that just might be you, give me a call.    Happy trails, Don West 970-201-1696                                                                                                 




When they're not being ridden, our horses run wild and free, making for happy, healthy, strong horses... and shaggy coats in the winter!


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